Airboat Rides with Switchgrass

Airboat Rides with Switchgrass

The opportunities are unlimited!


Our airboat rides in Orlando FL are not only exciting, but educational as well, where our captains take the time to share their knowledge with you about the eco system and animals on the St. John’s River.

Just think, you can experience all of this on one of our airboat rides in central Florida, which is only minutes away from Orlando, Orlando International Airport, Daytona, Cocoa beach, and Kennedy Space Center. Come step out of the tourist crowds and enjoy a look at what central Florida really has to offer in one of our fun, exhilarating, and educational air boat rides in Orlando.

After one airboat ride with us we are sure you will appreciate Florida’s unique natural habitat, have some great photos and will be back again!!

Pricing for 90 Minute Airboat Eco Tour

Adults & Children


Save $10 on the purchase of 4 or more tickets

* Call for pricing on the night and lunch/dinner tours.

Airboat Eco Tour Calendar

As experts in air boat rides in central Florida, we know that as the seasons change the airboat ride experiences change with them as well. During each season there are better times of day to go then others.
What events go on during each season of our airboat rides in central Florida?




These may be our colder months in Florida, but makes for the best time of year to see the alligators sunbathing in the daytime. If you want to catch a glimpse of a truly glorious monster, this is the time for you to take advantage of one of our Orlando air boat rides. All the migratory birds are coming in for the winter around November and are leaving during April, so give your eyes a treat by enjoying a plethora of different species.




This is the time of year that the alligators are mating and the wild Osceola turkeys are getting together for some mating of their own. The blue herons are nesting and deer are dropping their babies as well. Air boat rides in Florida are one of the only ways to marvel at how beautiful nature is, because when you’re this close to the magic, it’s impossible not to drop your jaw and fully appreciate what you’re experiencing. This is for sure a nature lover’s dream come true!




The alligators are nesting in and you can see the momma alligators guarding and protecting their nests. Most of the babies will be hatched by September. During these months the wildflowers on the river are blooming and the weather is nice and warm. This is one of the best times of year to experience the tranquility of one of our central Florida airboat rides sunset tour!




This is our typical wet season on the river. All of the migratory birds will start coming in and the weather has generally cooled down. This is when the gators will start sunning themselves on the banks as well, so enjoy one of the most fun air boat rides in Orlando Florida, and check out some gators in ways you wouldn’t believe possible!

There is something different to see and experience throughout the year as the seasons change, so please call to reserve and book your ride today and find out how air boat rides in Orlando Florida can change the way you look at nature forever!



We can customize any ride to suit your needs, but these are the types of tours we generally offer to the fine folks who visit us. Whether a small, intimate group, or a large family outing, we can accommodate any size party and ensure you the best possible time during your visit. Air boat rides in central Florida are just a stunning way to get to know how beautiful this state’s wildlife can be and how absolutely happy you and your friends and family will be to get this up close to it!

Don’t forget, you can easily call for prices or any questions you might have for us!

90 minute day


airboat tours

Our most popular tour where you get 90 minutes of the untouched water of the St. John’s River. Packed with a diversity of wildlife and beautiful scenery, this is definitely a great time to enjoy one of the most unforgettable air boat rides in Florida.

90 minute night


airboat tours

For the adventure and thrill seekers come and watch the gators hunt and the nocturnal animals feed. We have spotlights that light up the swamp to spot out the animals. This ride is where the swamp comes alive! Very popular air boat rides in Orlando like this are why so many fine people like yourself are leaving Florida with an extra sense of wonderment and excitement when it comes to the wildlife here.



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Let us take you on an exhilarating ride out to one of the local fish camps on the river, where you can enjoy a hearty lunch or dinner. These places are where the locals hang out and you can indulge in some real fresh Floridian food like gator, frog legs, and catfish. Then relax and enjoy a beautiful ride back, checking out the sites, and just enjoying life in general in one of the finest air boat rides central Florida has to offer you.



airboat tours

Are you an avid bird watcher? Do you find yourself glued to the television set whenever a fascinating bird documentary comes on? Do you wish you were just that much closer to the majestic birds that make Florida such a joy to visit? Well, please allow us to take you out and show you as many different bird species as possible in one of our Orlando Florida air boat rides. Our captains are not just your drivers, but are very knowledgeable about the different species of wildlife out here, so we encourage you to please bring your cameras to get some awesome shots!

Unlike some of the other companies that run 20 plus passenger boats we only run six passenger real airboats, which makes for a more personalized and comfortable ride, as well as being able to travel further to places that the big boats just can’t reach. We don’t know about the other guys, but our air boat rides in central Florida are about intimate encounters with wildlife as well as a pleasant and unique experience that you need to see for yourself. Our 700 horse power boats can run on dry ground as well, making it all the more easy to really check out everything, leaving no stone unturned, and giving you an experience unlike any other air boat rides in Orlando. After one ride on our smaller boats you will never want to ride on the larger ones again. We know what you’re thinking, and yes; of course we have multiple boats to accommodate larger parties as well.

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