Wild Hog Hunts

Wild Hog Hunt with Switchgrass

Our Florida hog hunting is available to you all year round. There is no age limit and no license required. Conveniently located in Central Florida only minutes from Orlando, Daytona, Kennedy Space Center and the beaches. We offer two types of hog hunts: airboat dog hunts and still hunts. If you would like your hog quartered, there is an extra $40 fee per hog. No charge to drop off your hog(s) to our local processor who you would work with directly.

Airboat Dog Hunts


Per Hunter


Per Watcher

A boar hunt off the airboat is for the adrenaline seeker and is going to give you plenty of stories to go home and tell your buddies about. On our central Florida airboat hog hunting adventures with the dogs you will be riding on a 800 horse power airboat, gliding through the marshes and swamps as well as running dry ground through the woods. If you think that sounds amazing, watch our highly trained and skilled dogs surf the front of the boat, winding and searching for fresh hog scent. Once they get on a good fresh scent, the hunt is officially on! They may just bay one up right in front of the boat, or maybe go 500 yards where we have to track them down on foot with our GPS tracking systems. You will go absolutely crazy for Orlando hog hunting and will most likely find yourself craving more.

Depending on the hunt (whether it’s the day or the nighttime) will determine which weapon of choice to harvest your hog. This type of Florida hog hunting is great for the family and groups of friends, since we can fit up to six people on each of our boats! This allows your friends or family to experience the hunt with you as you embark on your adventure, or hunt themselves if they like. This is a great way to bond with loved ones while catching an adrenaline rush and ultimately hunting and taking home some of the best meat around. Each hunter can take up to two hogs. NO TROPHY FEES! This is one of our most sought after central Florida hog hunting experiences we offer!!

Still Hunts


Per Hunter


Per Watcher

Our still hunts happen out in the swamps, marshes, and ranches, where we continuously scout the areas to find out where the most hog activity is happening. You will be hunting in the WILD and not in a stocked pen or high fences. This gives you much more freedom and an unbeatable feeling of hunting in the wild. To increase your success rate you will be hunting over bait from a tree stand or a ground blind. You can do this type of hunt with rifle, shotgun, compound, or crossbow. This type of hunt is nice for someone who wants to enjoy the peace of nature while bagging a nice hog. Orlando FL hog hunting is the best that it gets, and you will enjoy some beautiful sunrises and sunsets, as well as being able to come in for a lunch break. You just can’t beat that! If you would like to share your experience, watchers are welcome to join you for a small fee. You can take up to two hogs on this hunt as well. NO TROPHY FEES! Call now if you have any questions, and try not to be too shocked at how friendly, warm, and welcoming we are! Central Florida hog hunting is supposed to fun and educational, and that’s exactly what we offer to you.

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