So you love animals? Here are 7 you can pet in our Gator-Park in Orlando


So you love animals? Here are 7 you can pet in our Gator-Park in Orlando

So you love animals? Here are 7 you can pet in our Gator-Park in Orlando

An airboat ride in Orlando comes with a lot of positive outcomes, and at Switch Grass Outfitters, we ensure that you are treated to an unforgettable Everglade experience. But it doesn’t stop there! After you and your family members have enjoyed an airboat ride in Orlando, we bring you face-to-face with some of the nature’s most friendly, courageous and beautiful animals, a process that initiates lasting education and conservation through animals' connection.

As lovers of animals, we provide our visitors ample opportunity to access and learn more about rare and exotic animals from across the world while educating them regarding some animals they might have come across in their neighborhood.

So if you love animals, here are 7 of them you can pet while visiting and after taking an airboat ride in Orlando.

Animals you can pet after an airboat ride in Orlando

1. Ring-tailed Lemurs

Remember the movie entitled Madagascar? Ring-tailed lemurs were made popular by the film, especially for their curious, funny and playful character. These animals love to meet new people. They are very friendly, beautiful and there is hardly a time people who visit them don’t laugh when the lemurs get excited. Based on the arrangement, you and your family members can get to meet up close with lemurs, and take some unique selfies as many as you want. You can bet the kids will love such an encounter. You also have the chance to have an educational chat, including going through an enrichment section with them. What do you think?

2. Deer with white tails

Another single offspring of nature located close to the rear of Wild life Park and the Gator is the white-tailed deer of the field. These harmless creatures of the wild are spread across a vast and beautiful area where different families of white-tailed deer play and give praise to the Creator. On a very calm day, you won’t be seeing any antelopes but be sure to catch a lot of deer basking in the bliss that defines the prevailing condition and life in the gator and Everglades. And when they’re in a playful mood, they will surely come close and stay within range for you and the kids to pet and take some pictures or scratch them behind the earlobes.

However, we do have some excellent and tasty animal feeds that would encourage them to warm up to you quickly. You only need to part with a token to get it.

3. The American Alligator

Aww! The alligator? You heard that right, but don’t get scared yet, we’ve got everything under control. After a ride on an airboat in Orlando, we have some exotic Animal Show, and during this time, you will be able to learn about some of Florida’s most famous and influential native animals in a close-up animal demonstration performed by our reliable animal trainers. Once you get here and meet with our animal family members, you will be opportuned to meet with the king of the gator, and after the show, remember to get your pictures taken with him so you can forever remember and cherish the moment when you held a gator. I bet your friends will be envious.

The gators are eager to meet you, and now is the perfect and suitable time to say ‘hello, King of the Everglades.’

4. The gallant porcupine

Fear not their spikes or their intimidating appearance; you have the chance to meet and pet some of the African most crested porcupines. When you setup an encounter with our African porcupines, you will have the perfect opportunity to get closer and pet them since it isn’t every part of their body that’s covered with spikes. Aside petting them, you can also feed them if you want. You will also get to learn more about them and even get to play their own game once our trainers have taught you the tricks.

5. The two-toed sloth

Two toed sloths are popular for their unusual sleepy nature and comically relatable mood, and after you have roamed the wild on the back of our airboat ride in Orlando, you will be getting the chance to see and pet these unique creatures. Our sloth encounters are designed to meet your needs—go through an exhibit with them on the heels of our sloth family member, play with them, snap some pictures or feed them and even get educated about them.

6. See tropical birds like Parakeets

When you look across our bird-petting zoo, you will be exposed to our bird aviary, and when you look deeper enough, there you will discover greenery and colorful feathers all around. Here you will have the opportunity of meeting our colorful and vibrant Parakeets and some other tropical birds with unique characters that compel awe and appreciation. Of course, you will be able to get close and pet the birds, but pray they don’t perch first on your shoulders. They love humans.

7. Goats & Co.

Right inside our Gator and Wild Life Park, ranchers, farmers, and all animal loving visitors will get to meet and play with lots of happy and relaxing goats. Domestic animals are waiting and eager to see, meet and interact with you in their unique, humble ways. You will be getting the chance not just to play with them, but also to feed them and pet them all over. Before you go in, be sure to grab some corn or other animal feeds and give them a treat of a lifetime once you are in. You will be surprised after you are gone that your love for nature’s most prestigious gift is far more than you have ever imagined.


You can demonstrate your undying love for animals by visiting our Gator and Wild Life Park today once you have accomplished your achievement riding on the back of an airboat ride in Orlando (for we know you will always want to ride before or after anything). So let your friends know how caring and sincere you are about preserving the wild, even as you share your emotions with the best of Eden’s harmless creatures.

We look forward to seeing you—either way—on the Gator and Wild life Park or bracing the wings on the back of an airboat ride in Orlando.

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