What to bring on an Airboat tour in Orlando


What to bring on an Airboat tour in Orlando

What to bring on an Airboat tour in Orlando

An Airboat tour is always a thrilling and fun-filled adventure. From the amazing terrain to the unparalleled view of the area and wildlife, going on an airboat tour in Orlando is a trip that will hardly go wrong and always live up to its billing. Airboat tours have many options and are suitable for groups of friends and family so they can all have a great time regardless of their preferences.

If you’ve been on an airboat tour before and didn’t bring somethings along or if this is your first time on the trip, here are some tips to help you pack the right set of things that will make your tour quite memorable:

1. Camera

What better way to reminisce memories than to capture it? A camera is a worthy companion in a tour of this kind that takes you to the den of some of the most amazing wildlife in Florida. Keep your camera in hand to cherish and relive the memories. You should have your camera on a strap so that you don’t drop it into the water. If you are going to use your phone as a camera, make sure you have a strap also if possible, you should also try to get a waterproof casing if your phone is not water-resistant.

2. Loose clothing

Depending on the season and time of your visit, it is important to take practical clothing that is flexible and can shield you from cold or heat as the case maybe. It is also advised that you keep your wears that require some effort to maintain at home as it might be easily soiled while you explore the terrain. Cargo shorts and sleeveless shirts are advised so that you can

3. Sun protection

One of the reasons why Florida is perfect for vacations is the sun. Even when you are on water, you’ll be quick to discover that the Sun has no chills. To protect your eyes and your skin from excess light and sunburns, you are better off with sun protection gadgets such as hats, sunscreens and sunglasses. A face cap works also but it could fly off once the Airboat takes off, the same goes for the hats too.

4. Water

One of the certain things to happen on the trip is thirst and dehydration from the sometimes high temperatures. Having a bottle in hand to cool your body from the sun is not a bad idea. You might also need to rinse off small dirt as the trip goes on. Our airboat tours typically give you about 30 minutes to freshen up and relax with snacks and cool drinks to help you stay hydrated. You can also pack your own water just to make sure you have enough if you have a preference for a certain brand.

5. Polaroid glasses

Chances are when you are on an Airboat tour in Orlando, you are going to be hoping to catch a glimpse of fishes in their natural habit. Polaroid glasses ensures you indulge yourself in the finest views as you get to spot fishes and other sea life underneath the surface much easier. It also shields your eyes from sunlight and help increase visibility.

6. Poncho

Even as it is more likely for the sun to shine all through the day, you can never tell when the sky is going to go cloudy and pour. A poncho will do well to keep you dry and warm from the rain. You don’t have to go all out and get an expensive one. There are cheap ponchos made for limited use available that could save you money instead.

7. Pills

If you have any form of motion sickness or sea sickness, it is best to come with your medications to prevent unforeseen complications and issues that can arise. Once the airboat takes off, it may be difficult to turn back to the assembly point to fetch your drugs. Having them with you makes ensures that you can take care of any sudden bouts of sea sickness you may experience. Also, if you have medical conditions that may require medication such as allergies or asthma which could be triggered by outdoor conditions, you should have your emergency medication with you so that you can be taken care of in the event of an emergency.

8. Sweater or Jacket

Once the trip begins, there is usually a considerable amount of breeze and wind on the way. Having a sweater on ensures that you stay warm and don’t catch a cold at the end of the trip.

9. Life Jacket

This would be provided before taking off in most cases. It is very important to have a life jacket on for the duration of the trip on water. Whether or not you can swim, a life jacket will ensure you are safe to an extent should in case any eventuality occur. You are not allowed to remove your life jackets once the trip has begun as this could constitute a safety risk.

10. Binoculars

Finally, you should bring along binoculars if you have a pair. Binoculars are the most often forgotten equipment among the others that passengers and tourists fail to bring along on Airboat tours in Orlando. If you are on a trip to sightsee some sea life or tourist sites, there are cases where the airboats cannot navigate too close to some animals and places. Having a Binocular ensures you get to see all the action clearly even from afar. If you also an avid bird watcher, you are going to have a great time spotting lots of birds but having a pair of binoculars will help you see even more species of birds and animals.

When coming out for your airboat tour, you can also bring a small notepad and pen to take small details if the trip is educational. Don’t come with high-maintenance clothing and be sure to keep your valuables like watches, rings and jewelleries at home if you can. Once you can check all the above off your list, be prepared to have a fun outing and memorable experience.

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