Things you can do while in Orlando, Florida


Things you can do while in Orlando, Florida

Things you can do while in Orlando, Florida

Florida remains an interesting place to be—with lots of theme parks and fabulous places to visit. But what if you have been to Disney or other interesting place and you have completed your tour over there but you still feel there is more you need to see? Well, at some point, everyone does, and the good news is, there is a place you can be and there are things you can do to make up for the incomplete outing and even surpass your previous experience. That place is Wild Florida—going down the Everglades on the back of airboat rides in Orlando.

Feel the best of nature’s vibe

Tired of the theme park and the crowd thereof? Switch Grass Outfitters offers you a place where you can never be tired. Its place of observation, a place of jaw-dropping and awestruck wonder, beholding the attraction that defines the very best of Mother Nature – it’s all on the back of airboat rides in Orlando. Here you will see animals you previously watched in movies and on TV. Our 30 minutes airboat rides in Orlando are among the best in the state. Our pilots are well equipped with state-of-the-art airboats that add more to the comfort and feeling as you go through the river in style.

You will come across so many gators, eagles, and birds of different species, deer, and so many animals that call Wild Florida home. Our airboats provide you with the best way to travel deep and wide into the Wilds of Florida, down to the natural habitat while also moving across shallow waters so you can have the opportunity to take some fantastic and memorable photos.

Get close to alligators

Wild Florida is very unique for its alligator population. You will come across a lot of them while taking your ride across the waters. It is either they are out basking in the sun or hunting down prey or simply dashing away at the sight of your coming airboat rides in Orlando. Don’t forget you might get the chance to see the gator and the croc living side-by-side in the Everglades since Florida is one of the few places on earth where you can find the alligator and the crocodile living side by side. Our gator park also offers you better opportunity of seeing the king of the Everglades.

Show some love, and be loved

At our wild animal park, you will have the opportunity to feed some of the animals, showing them how caring and lovely you are. The goats will love to eat fresh grass from your hands, the monkeys want to grab a banana from your hands, and even as you will have to be ready to part with some of your own food as the raccoons will come begging with outstretched hands. And as you feed and closer to some of these animals, you can get to caress them, play with them and snap some good photos for a lasting memory.

See the sky rulers

If you are interested in birding, then there is a treat for you down here. You will come across a lot of bird during your airboat rides in Orlando. Birds such as the great egret, the cattle egret, glossy ibis, tricolored heron, wood stork, American anhinga, great blue heron, little blue heron, and so much more.

With such things and a photo of you and your family, there will never be a shortage of what you can do in Florida each time you visit. Switch Grass Outfitters ensures you will have something to think about for a long, long time. Just remember to come with your camera or video recorder and cherish the moment for a long time.

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