What you need to know about Airboat tours in Orlando


What you need to know about Airboat tours in Orlando

What you need to know about Airboat tours in Orlando

Airboat tours in Orlando are a great way to enjoy the unique scenery of Florida's natural habitat. They can be enjoyed together with loved ones, anytime of the day as well as anytime in a year. It is always exciting and intriguing. As a tourist in Orlando, FL, you can learn more about the eco system, animals, special places and centers, and the beautiful habitat of Florida on your Airboat tours. You get to meet and experience a fun and exhilarating Airboat tour with other tourists.

It is not only enough to go for the airboat tours in Orlando, but it is important to know some facts about the tours to enable you enjoy it. The following are facts you need to know about Airboat tours in Orlando:


This is important to enjoy a wonderful tour. Ideally, the tour should last 90 minutes, that is, one and a half hour. The tour can be done during the day, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of diverse wildlife and an unforgettable experience of Airboat tour. It can also be during nighttime where you can watch the swamp come alive, nocturnal wildlife hunt and a beautifully decorated scenery with spotlights. You can have a hearty lunch or dinner during the daytime tour or nighttime tour respectively, at local hangouts with great Floridian food.


There are some calendar events that make the Airboat tours more special. To enjoy the Airboat tours better you need to know what these events are and how they translate to a fun filled and special Airboat tour. January through to April offers you an opportunity to see the Alligators in action as they are very active during this period. Migratory birds are also seen in their plethora of species.

March through to May is the mating months for many wildlife like the Alligators, Blue herons, Wild Osceola Turkeys, Deers and so on. You can experience that magic in nature. Blooming wildflowers and nesting alligators can be seen from June to September. Experience the tranquility of nature within these 4 months.

The wet season for alligators to start drying themselves on the banks of St. John's river occurs during the months of October to December. You can experience the beautiful scenery of gators showing off. Whichever month it is, having a wonderful Airboat tour experience is what counts.


Airboat tours in Orlando are affordable and you can get a discount for a family tour, special occasions tours, group tours etc. You can book an Airboat tour for as low as $40 per child or $50 per adult and as high as $90 pet child and $120 for an adult. Family, Group and special occasions tours can be discounted and booked at very affordable rate, depending on the Airboat tours Agency like Switch Grass outfitters and Airboat tours.

Switch Grass outfitters and Airboat tours is one of the best companies to entrust your Airboat tours in Orlando with as we have the experience, expertise and resources to make your Airboat tours dreams come true. We can cater for small, medium and large group tours while providing intimate and safe encounters with wildlife and Florida's natural habitat. Contact us today to make your Airboat tours in Orlando an enjoyable and unforgettable reality.

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