All About the Florida Swamp Ecosystem


All About the Florida Swamp Ecosystem

All About the Florida Swamp Ecosystem

Many people travel to Florida to check out the theme parks and beaches.  For the nature-lover, there is something else to visit.  Florida boasts many different and unique ecosystems that allow both land and aquatic animals to thrive.  The swamps in central Florida have been home to many unique animals that keep visitors coming back for more.  When you take airboat rides in Orlando, you will be able to view the unique swamp ecosystem from an exciting and fresh perspective while also getting an adventure at the same time.  Before you embark on your tour, there are a few things you should know about the swamp ecosystem.

What Defines a Swamp

A swamp is an area that is permanently filled with water -- either freshwater or saltwater.  Swamps have many types of trees that dominate the area.  In fact, they are often named by the type of tree that mainly fills the area.  These ecosystems are not fully water nor are they full land, providing rich habitat for both land and aquatic species to thrive together.  They are often created when a lake or pond begins to get overrun by shrubs or trees.  

Who Lives in a Swamp

Many unique and rare species call the swamp their permanent homes.  The American alligator is among one of the most popular species to inhabit the swamps of central Florida, and many visitors come to our airboat rides in Orlando specifically to spot an alligator.  Also, many types of turtles and tortoises lurk in the murky waters of the swamp as well.  The Florida panther, which is a rare relative of the mountain cougar, also inhabits the Florida swamps.  Manatees also venture inland to the swamps in order to feed on the plentiful seagrasses here.  They are actually integral parts of the swamp ecosystem, keeping the grass beds short and healthy.  Snakes, fish, and many types of birds also call the swamp ecosystem their homes.

What Grows in a Swamp

Vegetation is also a critical component to making sure the swamp ecosystem runs smoothly.  Unique grasses, shrubs, and trees grow in swampy areas.  Because it is always fully saturated with water, plants need to thrive on extremely moist soil conditions.  Some common plants found in swamps are cypress, cabbage, and red mangrove palms.  These trees, along with seagrasses and mosses, provide a nutrient rich habitat that allows much of the wildlife to thrive.

There are many reasons you should visit the Florida swamp ecosystem on your next trip to central Florida.  Nature lovers and thrill seekers alike both enjoy airboat rides in Orlando to see the unique beauty in the swamp ecosystem.  Don't be afraid to get a little wind in your hair on your next vacation to Orlando.  Contact us today to book a tour.

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