Why You Should Go on an Airboat Ride at Night


Why You Should Go on an Airboat Ride at Night

Why You Should Go on an Airboat Ride at Night

When you are planning your next Orlando vacation, you will certainly want to book an airboat ride.  These offer a unique way to see the swamps and view wildlife who call central Florida home.  To make it even more unforgettable, you can take an airboat ride in Orlando at night.  This is truly the best time to take this tour, because the nighttime is when the swamp comes alive!  In addition to the unforgettable nighttime experience, we have a few other reasons why you should book an airboat ride in Orlando at night.

There's Nothing Like Cruising Through the Darkness

Many of our customers love the thrill of riding through the swamp in the darkness.  It captures the essence of the eerie, murky swamp that makes most people feel as though they are truly experiencing the swamp as it is supposed to be.  You'll look for alligator eyes glowing in the darkness, nocturnal animals on the search for their food, and see the moon light up the beautiful swamp.  For those of you that are skeptical, don't worry.  We have a spotlight that lights up the swamp in order to safely navigate through the waters and avoid any dangers.  

There's No Better Time to See the Gators

The alligators and crocodiles love to come out at nighttime.  During the day, they can often be seen sunbathing or resting.  At night, they can be spotted hunting their prey.  This makes for a unique experience, because it is not often that we get to spot gators as they are in action.  Our guides will point out alligator eyes glowing in the darkness as they lurk and wait patiently for their next meal.  These sightings always excite our customers, because they often envision alligators in this very setting.  

There's an Extra Sense of Adventure

Booking the nighttime airboat tour is for the thrill and adventure seeker, who wants to experience something unique.  Our airboat tours give you a relief from the midday Florida heat, and they offer a safe and exceptional and unique viewpoint to look at the swamp and the wildlife that live there.  As you zoom through the tall grasses of the swamp, you will wonder what lies around the next bend.  This thrill captivates many of our customers and provides them with a swamp experience like none other.

Booking an airboat ride in Orlando at night will give you a unique experience of the swamp and its nocturnal life.  This eerie and unforgettable ride through the swamp will have you telling stories to your friends for many years to come.  At Switchgrass Outfitters and Airboat Tours, we offer exclusive 90-minute tours at nighttime.  This experience is an unforgettable way to experience the swamp and view the nocturnal wildlife come alive.  Join us on your next trip to Orlando for an experience you won't forget.


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