Commonly Asked Questions about Airboat Rides in Orlando


Commonly Asked Questions about Airboat Rides in Orlando

Commonly Asked Questions about Airboat Rides in Orlando

Whenever you book your trip to take airboat tour, you may have a list of questions ready for your tour guide.  As you are packing for your vacation, these questions may have more urgency.  You need to know what to pack for this tour.  Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about our airboat rides in Orlando.

Do I need sunscreen?

Yes, you should put sunscreen on before you head out on your airboat tour.  Even though there is some shade on the boat, you should still expect to get sun exposure.  We recommend applying sunscreen before you get on the boat to prepare yourself to enjoy the adventure without worrying about sunburn.

Do you need bug spray?

Surprisingly, you won't need bug spray unless you are taking a nighttime airboat ride with us.  Because we are typically off the water by the time it gets dark, we do not need to worry about mosquitos.  If you feel more comfortable using bug spray before you board, go for it, but it is not necessary.

Can I eat on board?

We recommend that you eat before or after you get on the board, unless you want to share with the entire tour!  Our boats can go at speeds over 30 mph, which isn't great for enjoying meals.  We discourage our patrons from bringing any food on board with us.

Will you get wet?

Unless it is raining, you likely won't get wet while on airboat rides in Orlando.  Many people ask about rain gear and umbrellas, but they are unnecessary.  In fact, you won't even be able to get an umbrella open on our boat tours.  If it is lightly raining, we do offer rain gear for your boat tour to keep you dry and enhance your experience.

What will you see?

On your Orlando airboat tour, you can expect to see many animals that call the Florida swamps home.  This includes alligators, birds, amphibians, reptiles, fish, and plenty more.  Your tour guide will be able to describe this wildlife to you as you encounter them on the tour.  You can ask questions about the ecosystem and habitat of the swamps, as our tour guides are extremely knowledgeable and happy to answer them.

Do I need reservations?

Yes, we highly recommend booking a reservation for you and your family when you are planning your Orlando vacation.  This helps us plan in advance and reserve your seats for the time slot you desire.  Book with us today so you can guarantee a spot aboard this thrilling and unique airboat tour through the Florida swamps!

These questions are posed by many of our tourists when they book tours with our airboat rides in Orlando.  If you are curious about more, contact us to ask anything.  We are happy to help excite and prepare you for your unforgettable experience aboard our airboat rides in Orlando on your next family vacation.

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