Native Birds that Call Florida Home


Native Birds that Call Florida Home

Native Birds that Call Florida Home

Are you interested in the natural beauty of the world around you?  Have you enjoyed watching animals in their natural habitat?  If this is you, you would love to come aboard our airboat rides in Orlando to see the beautiful and alluring swamps in central Florida.  Our adventures are able to have the thrill of the airboat ride while enjoying the beautiful landscapes and wildlife that call Florida their home.  In Florida, there are many native species, and many people find themselves becoming birdwatchers once they get here.  Here are some of the native birds that we are welcome here in Florida.

Roseate Spoonbill

The roseate spoonbill is a bird that you can find aboard our airboat rides in Orlando, as it loves to wade in the shallow water found in the swamps and shorelines of the state.  They enjoy feeding by dipping their long beaks into the water and catching small crustaceans, frogs, and other aquatic insects.  This unique bird has a long wingspan of up to five feet, but they are actually a very lightweight bird.  The spoonbill also changes color based on the color of the shells of their food.


This bird has a name that means "snake bird" in Brazilian.  This name actually refers to the way it appears once it's submerged into the water, as its thin and curved head is the only visible part.  Although anhingas spend much of their time on the banks of water or in the branches of trees in and around the water, they actually have difficulty flying when their wings are wet.  


Native to many parts of Florida, Texas, and Arizona, this bird prefers the drier land to call its home.  The caracara actually comes from the falcon family, which it its gorgeous appearance.  These birds like to scavenge for the food, removing anything they can from the ground before others get to it.  Even though these birds find homes in North America, they are actually more popular in Central America.


You can rest-assured that you will likely spot this bird when you are aboard our airboat rides in Orlando, as it is home to the Florida swamps.  The coot resembles a duck and enjoys spending its time resting in the water and on marshy land.  It is actually one of the loudest birds, so you will likely hear it before you see it.  

These are just some of the native birds that tourists and Florida residents love to enjoy watching each and every day.  When you choose to take our airboat rides in Orlando, you will experience many of these birds up close and personal.  Witnessing all the unique wildlife in their natural swamp habitat will create an unforgettable journey for both you and your entire family.  Contact us to make a reservation today.

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