Types of Swamps You Can Find in Florida


Types of Swamps You Can Find in Florida

Types of Swamps You Can Find in Florida

Many people know Florida for its sunny beaches, warm climate, ocean breeze, and busy beach towns.  It is a popular destination for people wanting a break from the cold Northern winters.  However, many people don't know that Florida is also home to many swamps, which host a diverse population of wildlife that is common only to this region.  On our airboat tours in Orlando, you and your family can experience the beauty and mystery that is common to the Florida swamps.  Take a different spin on what Florida has to offer on this unforgettable adventure.  Before you book your tour, you should know a few facts about the swamps here.  There are a few different types of swamps you can find in Florida.

Cypress Dome Swamp

The cypress dome swamp is the most common swamp found in Florida.  It is common in the southeastern part of the United States, and it is characterized by the cypress trees that grow in the shallow standing water common here.  These trees form a dome-like shape with their treetops, which give the swamp its name.  Many animals, such as salamanders, American alligators, and white storks, call this swamp their home.  This is the swamp that our airboat tours in Orlando will take you through when you visit us.

Strand Swamp

A strand swamp is a swamp that forms a natural drainage water channel along the flatlands.  It is commonly found along streams, rivers, and lakes in Florida.  This swamp is much more linear than a cypress dome swamp, as it forms where the water table is higher, which gives the drainage a linear appearance.  Turtles, turkeys, and the rare Florida panther are native to this type of swamp.

Floodplain Swamp

A floodplain swamp occurs in areas that are prone to flooding or being easily filled with water after heavy rains.   These are commonly found near streams and rivers, in places where stream formation is difficult due to the slope of the land.  Floodplain swamps have much in common with strand swamps.  They are home to many low land animals, such as the black bear and many different amphibians that are typically slow moving.

Mangrove Swamp

This type of swamp is located along the Florida coastline, which is different from the above three types typically found inland.  Mangrove swamps are characterized by the mangrove trees that grow in many feet of water.  These trees are unique in that they have skinny trunks and roots, but they can grow wide and cover much of the area.  These swamps are home to many aquatic animals and also birds that enjoy eating from the intercostal waterways.

These are a few of the different types of swamps that are common in Florida.  Our airboat tours in Orlando allow our guests to experience all that the Florida swamps have to offer, including the natural beauty of the unique landscape, the diverse animal population, and the beautiful plants that call this place their home.  Contact us today to book a tour you'll never forget.

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