5 Unique Animals Found in the Florida Swamps


5 Unique Animals Found in the Florida Swamps

5 Unique Animals Found in the Florida Swamps

Swamps are unique ecosystems where water covers most of the land. The area consists of transition zones between water and land; the water may be freshwater, saltwater, or brackish water. The area is a habitat for many wild species of animals and other classes of living things. Here, we will discuss the Floridian swamps, a habitat for unique species of many animals and other living things. These are just a few of the many unique animals you’ll find in the Florida swamps when you hop aboard our airboat tours in Orlando.

Key Deer

The key deer is the endangered sub-species of white-tailed deer found in the Florida Keys. It is the smallest species of all other North American deer species and weighs between 20 to 34 kg with a height of 66 to 72 cm. their body color ranges from reddish to grayish brown color, and the male specie has antlers with a white velvet coating. They are very friendly to humans and are found abundantly in places having grass and flowers.

Great White Heron

You might consider it for a Great Egret due to their uncanny resemblance of S-shaped necks and white plumage. However, these two are different bird species, as Great White Heron has larger-sized yellow legs than the Great Egret. It is also known as Ardea Herodias Occidentalis and is commonly found in the Florida Keys. Their height is about five feet, with a wingspan of nearly seven feet. People relate them with Great Blue Herons, but they don't venture far during migration.

Florida Black Bear

It is the American Black Bear subspecies and is only found in the Sunshine state. They have a huge body size, short tails, and shiny black hair as their fur. Some species of the Florida Black Bear have a white chest patch called the blaze. It is the state's second largest terrestrial mammal found there, and its population is decreasing daily due to heavy urbanization. According to an estimate, there are approximately 3,000 Florida Black Bears species, which are referred to as very endangered species.

American Alligator

It is the native species of the Southeastern United States and can only be found in the wetlands and swamps of Florida. These reptiles use their tails to make burrows in the mud to maintain their body temperature and for nesting purposes. Other animals can also use these burrows for drinking and breeding purposes later. Natural disasters like floods and other predators tore their habitats once they were near extinction in 1967. Later in 1987, the IUCN removed them from the list.

Gopher Tortoise

It is a land-based reptile with a life span of 70 years. They are only land tortoises native to the Southeastern United States who make deep furrows for their shelter and forage on low-growing plants. IUCN has categorized it as a vulnerable species due to its decreasing population.

Swamps are marshy places that serve as a natural habitat for many species of animals, plants, insects, birds, and other living things. The Floridian Swamps are one of them, providing shelter to many important Southeastern United States species. If you are looking for a thrilling adventure to get up close and personal to many unique animals, contact us to reserve a spot on our airboat tours in Orlando today.

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