Different Wildlife Species You Might See on Airboat Tours in Orlando.


Different Wildlife Species You Might See on Airboat Tours in Orlando.

Different Wildlife Species You Might See on Airboat Tours in Orlando.

Florida is home to hundreds of wildlife species, though it is unlikely to see them all on an airboat tour. Nevertheless, you will experience a great assortment of Florida wildlife.


  • Bald eagles

Were you aware that Florida has the second-largest population of bald eagles behind the state of Alaska? Bald eagles are famous for living in locations where they can acquire the most fish. Florida has more than thirty thousand waterways blanketing millions of acres of ground, so you can usually find bald eagles dwelling nearby.

  • Great blue heron

Great blue herons are our state's most commonly witnessed large birds. They frequently beg for meals as they have become relaxed around humans. They hold a sizeable golden bill, black strips above their eyes, and a blue-gray coloring.

Crocodiles and alligators

It's no shock that you will notice alligators and crocodiles on your Florida airboat experience.

  • American crocodiles

It is hard for individuals to distinguish between an alligator and a crocodile, but one of their most prominent traits is the end of their nose. Gator's noses are more expansive and rounded, while a crocodile's nose is more elongated and pointed. American crocodiles are normally found basking in the sunshine with their mouths open.

  • American alligators

The most gator-populated areas in the United States are the wetlands of Florida and the coastal regions of Louisiana. Fortunately, American alligators are only encountered in the southeastern part of our nation. Even though average gators measure between 11 and 13 feet, they frequently camouflage along the wetland or beneath the water.


Though many amphibians call Florida their home, there are two that you will probably see while on your airboat ride.

  • Peninsula newt

Peninsula newts are typically dark brown or jet and grow about 4 inches in length. Half of their size is their tail. While the newts are often glimpsed near the Florida Everglades, they are more often found in the Florida Peninsula, thus their name.

  • Everglades dwarf siren

As their moniker suggests, Everglades dwarf sirens are generally exclusively found in the Everglades. They are usually spotted in freshwater wetlands and look like small eels despite their two front feet and lack of back legs.


You're probably going to see a pair of diverse turtle species during your airboat ride, like:

  • Florida Cooter

The Florida Cooter is Florida's most frequently seen turtle encountered in rivers and large creeks. These turtles grow up to 15 inches long and can be recognized by their olive-brown shell with bright golden markings on every plate. In addition, the turtle has golden stripes on its noggin, neck, and feet.

  • Florida softshell turtle

These turtles are primarily encountered floating on the surface of ponds and lakes. Their shells are typically coated with algae and other vegetation. They frequently acquire a measurement of nearly 20 inches in length and are recognizable by their snorkel-shaped nose, flippers, narrow head, a softshell that feels like leather, and long neck.

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