Three Reasons to Plan an Airboat Tour in Orlando


Three Reasons to Plan an Airboat Tour in Orlando

Three Reasons to Plan an Airboat Tour in Orlando

The noise-canceling headphones you put on at the start of airboat tours in Orlando nearly eliminate the roaring fan motor propelling you through Florida nature. You watch the horizon for a peek at the exotic wildlife virtually guaranteed to you. Slyly, an outlandish alligator glides into the swampland in the pursuit of food right in front of you.

Your expert tour guide knows precisely where to go to give you a front-row seat for wildlife action. He manipulates the fan's direction, and you coast over the dark waters, aware it isn't more than a foot deep. Then, suddenly, the alligator emerges again in the tall marsh grass. Here are some of the reasons to plan an Orlando airboat ride.

See exotic wildlife

Florida swamps are a top location for birdwatching. Many visitors make hunting down dozens of bird species a priority upon arrival. However, mammals are even more exotic.

What was previously a population of 70 left in the whole world, Florida Panthers numbers have grown to about 230, all found in Florida.

You can spot crocodiles and alligators in the Florida swamplands, which have become the Everglades' emblem. Visitors arrive from around the world to see these two reptiles that can grow to sizes of ten feet or bigger and sprint in brief land bursts approaching 30 miles an hour. The combination of the swampland's freshwater and the Gulf of Mexico's saltwater allows Florida to be one of the only locations in the world you can find the two together.

Florida has also uncovered 27 different types of snakes gliding in its marshes. Some are native to the area, and some have recently been introduced to the ecosystem. Sadly, non-native Anacondas and pythons are circulating in the swamplands, choking out the native species. These fellows can grow gigantic enough to bring down an alligator!

The history of the Florida Everglades is fascinating

The history of the Florida Everglades is quite a fascinating account. The area was dangerously impaired by humanity at the turn of the 20th century. The consequences of negligence for long periods have resulted in an altogether unique Everglades compared to what you would have glimpsed 100 years ago. Miami and Fort Lauderdale were both products of this negligence, and portions of the water drained from the Everglades were directed to the developing regions of now-urban centers. The draining of the Florida Everglades gradually lowered the water levels dramatically over 50 years which irreversibly transformed the ecosystem into what we know today.

Airboat tours in Orlando will educate you

The added advantage of having a driver for your airboat ride is that they will also be a world-class, professional guide and expert on the swamplands. Simply put, having your guide along guarantees seeing the most wildlife possible so that you and your entire family can enjoy the ride. Of course, the tricky part of the Everglades is the disguise it provides exotic wildlife. Fortunately, any Everglades airboat tour guide can give you the best prospect for your Orlando adventure.

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