What To Do in Orlando, FL That Do Not Involve Theme Parks


What To Do in Orlando, FL That Do Not Involve Theme Parks

What To Do in Orlando, FL That Do Not Involve Theme Parks

In the US, Orlando, Florida, is one of the most popular places to visit. Millions of visitors come here each year to enjoy their vacation. Even in 2021, more than 80 million visitors will visit Orlando, Florida, and enjoy their vacation. While many people come here to visit the many theme parks, there are still many other unique and fun things to do. These are a few exciting things to do in Orlando that do not involve theme parks.

Go on an Airboat Adventure

Airboat adventure is one of the most fun things to do in Orlando. You can enjoy a thrilling ride through the Everglades in an that speeds up to 30 mph. You can visit places that many other people have never visited during your airboat tours in Orlando. You can spot many unique animals as you make your way through the murky Florida Everglades and have an adventure you won’t soon forget with the whole family.

Visit the Central Florida Railroad Museum

If you are interested in the Central Florida Railroad, then the Central Florida Railroad Museum is the best place to fill the transportation gap. You get information about all the operations of the Central Florida Railroad. From cars to vehicles and planes, everything is presented in this museum.

Take a Look at the Orlando Science Center

If you want to visit a place that will be equally enjoyable for kids and adults, then you should visit Orlando Science Center. This center presents many scientific exhibitions to catch your and your kids' attention. You can learn the science behind your washing machine and how greenhouses make life easier.

Take the Kids to Wonder Works

If your group includes young travelers, you should also pay a visit to Wonder Works, which offers hands-on experiences with science exhibits. Your parents will enjoy the educational elements even if you are with your family. Wonder Work presents a lot of wonders, such as the 6D motion ride, rope competition, and much more. You could even go to natural disasters like a 5-magnitude earthquake or a hurricane with winds of more than 70 miles per hour. A lot more activities are available in Wonderland.

Be Dazzled by the Out of Hand Magic Comedy Dinner Show

Expect an educational visit; if you want to add fun to your dinner, visit the Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show. This show lasts 90 minutes, but you should attend this show. The participation of the audience will provide more entertainment for the host. This show includes a lot of entertaining magic tricks, future predictions, and whatever is running through your mind. Along with this magic show, you can enjoy pizza, salad, dessert, and much more. Remember to visit the magic show, especially if you are going with your kids.

Orlando, Florida, is the most popular destination, but theme parks aren't the only fantastic places to visit. Next time you visit Florida with your family, be sure to book an adventure with our airboat tours in Orlando.

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