Capture Stunning Wildlife Photos on an Airboat Tour


Capture Stunning Wildlife Photos on an Airboat Tour

Capture Stunning Wildlife Photos on an Airboat Tour


Orlando’s vast swamplands are home to a variety of wildlife, making it the perfect place for nature lovers to take breathtaking photos. If you’re looking for a unique way to observe and capture stunning wildlife photos, consider taking an airboat tour. Airboats offer the perfect combination of speed and stability, allowing you to get up close and personal with Florida’s native animals. Here are some tips on how to take spectacular wildlife photos on your airboat tour in Orlando.

Take Advantage of Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is essential for great wildlife photography. Early morning and late afternoon are the best times to snap pictures as the light is softer and more flattering during these times of day. The sun should be behind you or off to the side so that it doesn’t create harsh shadows on your subject. You can also use a polarizing filter or umbrella if you need extra light control during midday shooting sessions.


Aperture Priority Mode

When capturing wildlife shots, set your camera to aperture priority mode (Av). This mode allows you to adjust the depth of field by controlling the size of the aperture in your lens opening. Having a shallow depth of field keeps the background blurred, which helps draw attention to your subject without any distractions from other elements in the shot. This setting is especially helpful when shooting from an airboat since there’s always potential for movement and turbulence from speeding across water.


Prepare for all Conditions

Wildlife photography requires preparation - it doesn't matter if you're shooting from land or an airboat tour; be sure to bring along extra batteries, memory cards, rain covers, insect repellent, etc., just in case! Make sure there's enough room for everyone on board so everyone can travel safely and comfortably throughout their entire journey - this will help ensure that everyone has enough energy when it comes time for photo-taking opportunities! Finally, make sure your equipment is protected against water splashes or even getting wet while out on tour–you don’t want a ruined camera ruining your trip!

Airboat tours are one of the most exciting ways to explore nature while capturing beautiful photographs along the way. With these tips in mind, you can ensure that you have a successful trip full of amazing memories and stunning shots! Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting out, airboat tours offer something special - they provide a unique opportunity for travelers to observe Florida's diverse wildlife with added excitement due to their speed and stability! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start taking those beautiful photographs today!

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