Discover Aquatic Mammals on an Airboat Tour in Orlando, FL


Discover Aquatic Mammals on an Airboat Tour in Orlando, FL

Discover Aquatic Mammals on an Airboat Tour in Orlando, FL

Are you looking for a thrilling adventure in the heart of Orlando? Well, look no further than an airboat tour with Switchgrass Outfitters! Not only will you get to experience the exhilarating feeling of gliding across the water on an airboat, but you will also have the opportunity to discover the aquatic mammals living in the nearby waters. Join us for an unforgettable eco-tour and get up close and personal with some of Florida's most fascinating wildlife.

During our airboat tours, you will have the chance to observe a variety of aquatic mammals in their natural habitat. One of the most commonly spotted mammals is the Florida manatee. These gentle giants can weigh up to 1,300 pounds and are known for their docile nature. During the winter months, manatees gather in the warm waters of Florida's natural springs and rivers to escape the colder ocean temperatures. Our airboat tours take you to areas where manatees are known to congregate, providing you with the opportunity to witness these magnificent creatures up close.

Another aquatic mammal that you may encounter during your airboat tour is the bottlenose dolphin. These intelligent creatures are highly active and can often be seen jumping and diving through the water. Our airboat route takes you through areas frequented by these dolphins, allowing you to witness their playful behavior firsthand. You may even be lucky enough to see them riding the wake of the airboat.

In addition to manatees and dolphins, Orlando's waters are also home to several species of whales. The most commonly sighted whales in the area are the humpback, gray, and minke whales. Seeing one of these magnificent creatures in their natural environment is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and our airboat tours offer you the chance to do just that.

Aside from mammals, our airboat tours also provide you with the opportunity to observe numerous species of birds that call Orlando's waters home. From hawks to herons, you'll have the chance to spot a variety of winged creatures during your tour.



Booking an airboat tour with Switchgrass Outfitters is an incredible opportunity to experience the beauty of Florida's wildlife up close. With the chance to see manatees, dolphins, whales, and a variety of birds, our airboat tours are the perfect way to experience the beauty of Florida's aquatic mammals. Book your tour today for an unforgettable adventure that you won't want to miss!  If you'd like to experience airboat rides in Orlando, FL, contact Switchgrass Outfitters today for booking information.

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