Birds You'll be Spotting on Your Airboat Tours


Birds You'll be Spotting on Your Airboat Tours

Birds You'll be Spotting on Your Airboat Tours

Airboat tours in Orlando, Florida are a thrilling and exciting way to explore the scenic beauty of the wetlands. If you are planning to embark on an airboat tour shortly, you are in for a treat! During your ride, you will come across an array of birds that call the wetlands home. In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the exotic birds you can expect to encounter during your airboat tour. Let's get started!

1. Great Egret

One of the most prominent birds to watch out for on your airboat tour is the Great Egret. With its beautiful white plumage and long legs, the Great Egret is hard to miss. These birds are usually found near the edges of the waterways, and you'll get an up-close view of their majestic presence during your tour.

2. Osprey

Another bird commonly seen on airboat tours is the Osprey. These birds of prey are quite a sight to behold, with their hooked beaks and sharp talons. The Osprey usually hunts fish from the water surface or near the water's edge, and you may spot them diving headfirst into the water in search of their prey.

3. Limpkin

The Limpkin is a medium-sized bird commonly found in the marshy wetlands of Florida. They are known for their unique calls, which sound like a cross between a gull and a wading bird. Limpkins are also known for their love of snails, and you may see them using their long bills to pluck snails from the water's edge during your airboat tour.

4. Wood Stork

The Wood Stork is another distinctive bird species native to the wetlands of Florida. These large, wading birds have an unmistakable appearance, with a bald, black head, and a long, down-curved beak. During your airboat tour, you may see Wood Storks foraging for food, which usually consists of small fish and invertebrates found in shallow water.

5. Anhinga

The Anhinga, also known as the snakebird, is a common sight on airboat tours. With their long necks and sharp beaks, these diving birds are excellent swimmers and can hold their breath for a long time underwater. You may see them perched on a tree branch with their wings spread out, spreading them to dry after a dive.



If you're up for an adventure and enjoy nature, then an airboat tour in Orlando, Florida, is a must-do activity. Not only will you get to experience the thrill of speeding through the waters, but you'll also get the chance to see some of the most beautiful and unique birds that call the wetlands of Florida home. From the Great Egret to the Osprey, Limpkin, Wood Stork, and Anhinga, your airboat tour in Orlando, FL is sure to be an unforgettable experience. So don't wait any longer- contact Switchgrass Outfitters today for booking information and get ready to embark on a journey like no other!

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