Different Animals You'll Encounter During Your Airboat Tours Experience


Different Animals You'll Encounter During Your Airboat Tours Experience

Different Animals You'll Encounter During Your Airboat Tours Experience


Experience the wildness of Florida like never before with airboat tours. As you skim across the water, you'll come across incredible wildlife that you wouldn’t get to see anywhere else. Airboat tours in Florida are a great way to witness nature at its finest. Florida's wilderness is full of interesting animals like alligators, bird species, turtles, and fish — animal lovers will surely have a great time exploring the state's natural habitats.



Alligators are one of the most common sightings during airboat tours in Florida. They were considered an endangered species years ago, so protecting them has been one of Florida's top priorities. These creatures are massive, and you'll be able to see them up close in their natural habitat while out on the water. When the boat stops, the airboat captains will often attract them with bait, allowing visitors to have a closer look at these prehistoric creatures. It's a breathtaking experience to watch alligators sunbathing on a riverbank or hear them bellowing in the wild.

Bird Species

Florida is home to a variety of bird species that you won't find anywhere else in the US. Airboat tours are a favorite activity for bird watchers. You'll see many different species, from herons to storks, and each year, thousands of migratory birds arrive in Florida to nest in the state's expansive wetlands. Many airboat tour guides are highly knowledgeable about Florida's countless bird inhabitants and can provide a wealth of information about these fascinating creatures.


Did you know there are over 50 species of turtles in Florida? Airboat tours provide the opportunity to witness these beautiful creatures in their natural habitats. Snapping turtles with their sharp snouts and lanky legs, diamondback terrapins with their distinct diamond-shelled backs, and softshell turtles with their leathery-looking exterior are all common sights during airboat tours. Exploring their habitats from the safety of an airboat gives you a unique perspective of these reptiles.


Florida's waterways are teeming with fish. You can catch a glimpse of multiple species of fish, including catfish, bass, bluegills, and many others that are unique to the area. Florida is known for its incredible freshwater fishing opportunities, and airboat tours will take you to prime fishing spots that are not accessible by any other means. You can cast your lines and enjoy the scenery at the same time.



If you're planning a visit to Florida, consider adding airboat tours to your itinerary. It's an excellent opportunity to witness animals in their natural habitat and see some of the most unique and diverse wildlife in the area. The airboat captains are knowledgeable and experienced, providing informative and entertaining narration during the tour. Don't forget to bring along your camera, create unforgettable memories, and capture some fantastic photos that you'll cherish forever. For booking information, contact Switchgrass Outfitters today for a smooth and safe airboat tours in Orlando, FL.

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